Setting up of EMail address to report issues


I have installed my first V13 server over the weekend and I am busy exploring it.

There was an error that popped up together with a “Report” button which was wanting to send a mail about the error but when I clicked that, it said the “Support” was was not configured.

I have configured my own mail but not support.

Which email should I use to pass on any thing I find?


@johnlongland Start in Email Domain and make sure that you can get at least one account working in there. (This can be non-trivial but there are lots of older posts on here to help you.)

Then go to Email Accounts and set up one or more. Usually there is a default one called Support that can be configured for “Incoming”. Once you select that, a number of other options become available. Including a semi-confusing one called “Append to”. But I think that is what you want. Setting it up will allow those emails to flow into your system as “Issues” where they can be processed.

You can also tweak which users have the Role “Support” and set up Notifications and/or a round robin distribution.

…and welcome to ERPNext!

THank you @MichaelPinkowski for your detailed response. Your effort and time taken is

Thanks also for putting my feet back onto the ground, because the “bad” is on ME !!!

Let my explain …
My question really was "what mail address must I fill in in the “Support” entry under
“MAIL-ACCOUNTS” … and reading through your post, made me realise that, that email
is just the vehicle. The system has already decided to which mail address it wants to send
the mail, I must just open the channel.

I have already transferred my mail-settings from my V12 server, but that was only the
“notifications” entry. I shall use a similar setup and complete the “support” entry.

So you cleared up the confused state I was in !

And thank you for the welcome. Yes, I have only been at this for a few months where I am sure
many of you more experienced users have been at this for years !

Best regards !

Hi, @johnlongland, here is the solution for email setup for server error How to set Support Email Address for Server Error - #5 by clarkej