Setting User permission to only be able to see a specific workspace

Hi all,

I’m developing a sample web application using Frappe framework, and I’m trying to use the new workspace functionalities to create a User platform.

I’ve created a workspace as an Administrator with various visualization of some sample DocType.

Then i created a Role named “Building Owner” and i want the Users associated with this Role to see only the previously created workspace.
Is possible to give access for a Role only to the workspace without giving desk access? If not what is the best way to limit the desk permission to have the users visualizing only the workspace with the doctype visualization?

Bonus question: How can i differentiate the doctype visualization (adding different filters) in the workspace for each user? I think i need to use Hooks but would be great if someone could give me some examples.


For now I’ve tried to limit the single doctype permission, giving to the role just the read permission but this just limit the Role to not add or delete the selected doctype. But i want to limit more the user.
Moreover i’m trying to solve that by creating a custom user type but i’m struggling to reach my goal.

Any help would be great!

Hi @aibba19,

Please apply and try it.

Thank You!

I already tried it but it’s not working.
This is my workspace settings:

I was trying to show other images but since i’m a new user i can’t in one single message

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This is my setting now, on the left i’m logged in with the User with the Role showing in the right window.

With the Desk Access active the user can see all the workspaces in public like in the image here.
I want this user to be able to see only the first workspace without the others.

If i try to remove the desk access from the Role then the User can’t see either the workspace where i set his role following NCP answer.

Your CRM workspace is in the desk module or no and is public?Moreover the Sales User do need desk access to be able to access the workspace?
Anyway thanks for your replies