Settings that determine if List View and Report are available


When I look at a DocType, I see a “list view” button with a drop down for reports. All is well. However I’ve created a new user, with different, more restricted permissions and try as I might I cannot get the list view button or report to appear for them.

In Role Permission Manager, “report” is ticked for this Doc Type and Roll.

Any suggestions what settings control whether the “list view” and “report” option are available to a user? I would have thought the “report” switch in “Role Permission Manger” would be it, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you!

EDIT. finally figured it out, sorry for wasting anyone’s time. Searched for hours and found it a minute after posting. There was not as far as I could find documentation on this. if anyone is looking, there is a switch in Role called “View Switcher”.