Setup Auto currency exchange rate (Currently not working)

Hi all,

Is there a reason why the currency exchange rate is not working? is there anything need to be setup to be able to use it?

using :
ERPNext: v12.14.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.12.0 (version-12)

From the documentation:

For foreign currency transactions, ERPNext checks exchange rates from:

  1. From the Currency Exchange for any matching record (if created by a User).
  2. If this fails, ERPNext will attempt to get the current market exchange rate from Frankfurter.
  3. If this still fails, then the exchange rate will have to be entered manually.

So in your case, if the exchange rate wasn’t updated automatically from the API, you’ll need to create it manually. It is likely that the currency isn’t supported by Frankfurter yet.

My currencies are USD and THB which are support by Frankfurter

And in the accounts settings " Allow Stale Exchange Rates" is enabled.

But the rates still don’t get updated.

Anyway to test if it is working or not? Manual trigger?

I just played around in my test setup and it was working:

No exchange rates set up manually. It was fetched from Frankfurter then.

Can you share more about your ERPNext setup? Is the system able to pull any other exchange rates?

Is it possible / confugurable to replace Frankfurter with a paid service that includes more currencies?

Not configurable.

You’ll have to replace/override it from code:

Ok, It seems something wrong in my configurations, because my USD price does not update but any other price is getting fetched.