Setup auto Selling rate based on purchase rate


I want to set up an auto selling rate based on the product purchase rate.

Example: I purchase product A at 100₹ and I want to set up a selling rate at 150₹.

is this possible?

You can create a custom script (Or server side script) to create a sales price item when purchase made.

This one seems related. Automate updating of price list - #7 by outerlook


There are two separate points here:

  • Do you want to update the Item Price based on the Last Purchase Price?
  • OR, you are only looking for setting the Selling price in a sale transaction

For the first one, you would have to write a custom script (rightly pointed out by @TurkerTunali).

For the later, I simply use a button in our sales transaction (Sales invoice, for example), which fetches the “Last Purchase Rate” [last_purchase_rate] on the Item Master for each item in the Items (Sales Invoice > Items) table. You could update the price_list_rate field of the Sales Invoice Items table.

In our case, we don’t update the Sales Invoice Item price_list_rate - we add this observation (of last purchase price) to the comments (when button is pressed) in the Sales Invoice document so that the Sales Team can then take a decision to either increase/decrease the price in the Sales Invoice or update Item Price manually.

But, a fully automatic way should be possible as pointed by other poster.

Hi could you please show us some screenshots or a video, I am not clear, how can I use a button to fetch the price list at the transactional level (Ex: in POS terminal) as you mentioned.