Setup ERPnext VPS IP to a Web Url Domain Rumahweb Hosting

Hi, I just installed ERPNext server on Ubuntu 18.04 x64 Vultr VPS.

I have followed [Tutorial] Step by Step for making a ERPNext and Webmin combo VPS server

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install python-minimal
apt-get install build-essential python-setuptools
adduser [username]
usermod –aG sudo [username]
sudo python --production --user [username]
bench start
sudo apt update
sudo apt install nginx

On my url host account (

  • edit first “A” record to point IP Address value to match the address of myVPS server
  • ADD a record to make a sub-domain ERPNext system
    ** Set the “Record Type” to = CNAME
    ** Domain name =
    ** Canonical name * =
    ** “Save” the record.

Ubuntu Window

  • cd ~/frappe-bench
  • bench config dns_multitenant on
  • bench setup add-domain --site site1.local []
    I tried again - It says “Domain [] already exists”
  • sudo service nginx reload
  • reboot

Result = The Same
I can still open through VPS IP and [] still not working

Can anyone here help me please?
Thank You

hi @Valdanov, please move the site name in the Frappe-bench/sites/

mv site1.local


"host_name": ""

bench setup nginx
systemctl reload nginx

Thank you… I think I missed something

mv site1.local —>> No such file or directory

it (site1.local) should be your existing site folder in the frappe-bench/sites/site1.local
may be your path and folder may vary. i.e. as shown below ss.
frappe@testsystem:~$ cd erpnext/sites
frappe@testsystem:~/erpnext/sites$ mv site1.local
frappe@testsystem:~/erpnext/sites$ nano