Setup For Decoupled Branches updating data at the end of the day to headquarters

Hey guys,

I have a company with multiple branches,with different firms selling the same product.

Is it possible to have an instance of ERP next in each of the branches (seperare locations) running locally (incase there is not internet connection), and at the end of the day migrate all the data in any way to a common ERP next instance , or any other solution along the same lines.

What could be the possible ways to achieve this?

Any help leading me in the right direction would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi. You would be able to do this on V13 Event Streaming feature. V13 is still in beta so be careful in production usage.

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How about using data export at branches, send it to HQ and import in to the common ERPNext?
What is the precondition if done this way?

Hey thanks for your response,
Yes that will work out great,but I didn’t come across a solution where you can export all the newly created master data in a specific time frame and then import into the main ERP next instance.

Is it possible to export all the newly created data of only a a single day or a specific time frame?

Hey thank you for your response, I’ll read up more on event steaming.
Thank you for your contributions to the Platform.

Is there a way to export all the newly created mastrt data of only 1 day and import it to the main ERP instance?

I don’t remember. and I don’t have ERPNext with me now.
But I think at least you can export everything to excel and delete the lines you don’t need.