Setup for plastic manufactring company

setup for plastic manufacturing company

can you elaborate more so one can suggest the best.

i have 2 companies for plastic manufacturing , same product same employe , how i can setup accounting and products

First you must have master data.

Settings >> Data >> Import data

how i can make master data i am new user for erpnext

that all i have

you can also refer to this.

ERPNext would be a good fit for you because ERPNext allows you to have multiple companies in one setup, and you can share the same set of products

how i can see services domain

I don’t think there is a services domain. Do you mean Manufacturing Domain? Or do you mean payroll?

no i need to setup shipping rule with VAT and not fixed

Yes. This is possible with taxation. You can make templates for this in ERPNext

can you tell me how to do it

i tried but not possible

Maybe, it would help if you can give 1 specific example of the thing you need to do. ERPNext is flexible enough once you know your way around.