SETUP - HeadOffice & Branches - With different GSTIN

I need help to setup my ERP with HO & Branches ( with different GSTIN as per law) with following settings …

  1. In HO & Branches setup - Do I need multi company or multi branch or multi warehouse ??

  2. How to fix naming conventions of Invoice & other documents as per COMP NAME / BRANCH NAME ?


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Hi Akash,

The GSTINs are connected with address, so you just have to set up as many locations as you have.

You should set up as many companies as the number of P&L’s you need to maintain.

Search for naming series in the awesome bar and you can set up different series for your transactions.



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Hello JayRam,

Thanks for suggesting MultiCompany setup with many addresses + GSTIN.

But I didnt understood about naming series. I tried naming section, but Invoice Naming is not asking different series for every company.


You’d only use the Multi Company approach if you have multiple entities and you have file, or draw up the Financials separately. Else please use a single company and have multiple addresses.

You have to set up the Naming Series. Here’s the link to the help documentation around that:

Hope this helps



No success in differently naming invoice for every company.