Setup Item Tax Template Per Unit

Hello Community,

I’m trying to setup a tax for a specific item group that applies per unit sold/purchased not by percentage. This tax is an environmental fee, it should be applied $0.50 per unit sold/purchased.

For example. We purchase 50 oil filters at $10.00 each. $10.50 each with the environmental fee.
$500.00 should go to Stock account, and $25.00 to the ECO fee account.

At this point ECO fee account has a balance of $25.00

We then sell two oil filters for $20.00 ($20.50 with eco fee) each.
$40.00 should then be taken from Inventory account, and $1.00 from ECO fee account.

This will leave the ECO fee account with a balance of $24.00.

I’m thinking this functionality may not be available by default. I wanted to double check first the the community.

Thank you for your time.


You can use the “On Item Quantity” Option in tax template:

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