Setup Item Tax Template Per Unit

Hello Community,

I’m trying to setup a tax for a specific item group that applies per unit sold/purchased not by percentage. This tax is an environmental fee, it should be applied $0.50 per unit sold/purchased.

For example. We purchase 50 oil filters at $10.00 each. $10.50 each with the environmental fee.
$500.00 should go to Stock account, and $25.00 to the ECO fee account.

At this point ECO fee account has a balance of $25.00

We then sell two oil filters for $20.00 ($20.50 with eco fee) each.
$40.00 should then be taken from Inventory account, and $1.00 from ECO fee account.

This will leave the ECO fee account with a balance of $24.00.

I’m thinking this functionality may not be available by default. I wanted to double check first the the community.

Thank you for your time.


You can use the “On Item Quantity” Option in tax template:


@dj12djdjs @mangroliya

May I know how we can add the “new sale taxes and charge template” to an item group? The item group only has the option to add “item sale Taxes” and doesn’t give me the option to select the newly create “tax and charge template”

looks like there is Item sales taxes Template vs Sale Taxes Template and item group and item in stock doesn’t allow Sales taxes template but only Item sales taxes template, the latter only has a rate % and not $/unit option


You need to set it on individual Item.


Divyesh M.


Thanks for the reply.

I see in the item list, each item also doesn’t have the option to add the sale tax and template and can only add item sale taxes.

May I know where and how u did it?

may i know how you linked sales taxes and charge to an individual item? i only see Item sale taxes but not taxes and charges…

hey, do you hace any precise instructions? thanks