Setup Multitenancy for ERPNext installed via Easy Install Script


I was looking to set up TLS SSL certificate to get Let’s Encrypt for HTTPS. In the github documentation, one of requirements is Multitenant setup.

As I was going through the Multitenant setup documentation, it became apparent that I need to use bench commands.

However, I had installed to GCP using the Easy Install Script. So I’m not sure how to set that up. Would it be better to go into the container shell using docker exec -it command to set it up or is there a better way of doing what I’m looking to achieve.

Thanks for any help in advance.

You can also check your Domain provider panel, sometimes they do have an option to set up paid security certificates from there.

Regarding Lets Encrypt set up for self hosted ERPNext environment, it depends if you are using docker during installation or have done it without docker image.

Check this PR

Test the script from there and comment on PR if it works.

The script doesn’t set FRAPPE_SITE_NAME_HEADER and lets it be $host which serves and renders the site as per the host header.

It also adds a list of sites in env var SITES. This list is used to generate letsencrypt certificates

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