Setup multitenancy in production server

How we can setup multitenancy in production server? not in local machine.

hii @Sarath_Chandran

For setting up multitenancy on a production server, you can refer to this link:

ok i will check.Thank you for your reply

My current url for one site is http://13.202.9.xx:8000/. So by using multitenency i need to create another site and i need to set 82 port for new site and i need access to open the site using http://13.202.9.xx:8082/. I followed the steps mentioned by Manav_Mandil. But thats not working for me. If you know about my concern please let me know


For changing a particular site port, you can follow these steps:
Modify the relevant ports in common_site_config.json.

Then run:

bench setup procfile

After that, use bench start.

If you have two different sites and need to run them on different ports, first run the first site normally using bench start. Then for the second site, execute:

bench --site {sitename} serve --port 8001

Ensure you run according to your production-level configuration. This is just a way to run two different sites on one bench.

There is also bench commands to set your port number even with the set root url command. However, according to the scenario where your need to change to port arises, I would advise assigning different local IP addresses over different ports for local connections in a multitenant server.