Setup of Nested BOM - Apparel


Thank you for a great product.

I’m trying to setup BOMs for our products but I’m having some troubles understanding how to set my items and process up.

We design and manufacture clothing under our own brand. However, we subcontract most of the actual work.

To clarify, this is how we manufacture a simple printed t-shirt:

The Fabric (Raw material) gets cut into Pattern Pieces (“Sub Assembly”). The Pattern Pieces gets printed on into Printed Pattern Pieces (“Sub Assembly”). Finally the Printed Pattern Pieces gets sewn together to a T-Shirt (Final Product).

The cutting, printing and sewing are all subcontracted out to independent contractors.

What I would like to do is to be able to grab a bunch of sales orders, summarize all the ordered items and create material requests and purchase orders from all the ordered products in an automized fashion.

I’ve tried setting the products up as raw materials and sub assemblies and created individual BOMS for each step however I can’t get the production planning to work. I’m unsure whether I’m trying to create something that the system doesn’t really support yet (sub-assemblies in sub assemblies?) or if I’ve just set it up incorrectly or not understood the correct workflow for subcontracted items.

One clue I have is that the BOM browser doesn’t show all sub-assemblies, even tho the underlying raw materials do show up when doing material requests.

I’m prepared to be schooled.

Thanks again for a great product.

@havet welcome to the forum!

Have you looked at sub-contracting?