Setup POS user for retail


I tried to search within the forum, but no luck in finding the answers.

I have a difficulties to setup the POS for my retail shop, especially for the user. I just want he/she to input the orders with POS view, and receive the payment, I think this goes to Sales Invoice document right? But I can’t find the best default role that available in ERPNext that suits this role.

I tried to assign them with Sales User, but they don’t have access to POS Billing (Sales Invoice). I can’t assign them to Account User, because I don’t want them to see the financial stuff. They only need to see the Sales Report only, and Cash handover at the end of their shift.

Does anyone in these forum know how to setup POS for retail or this kind of activities? I also looking for the best practice for the system.

Thanks in advance!

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Anyone in retail business has successfully setup the default POS for the cashier?


You can create a new Role called POS User, and give permissions for:

  1. Sales Invoice - Read, Write, Submit, etc.
  2. POS Profile - Read
  3. Company - Read
  4. Fiscal Year - Read
  5. Warehouse - Read
  6. Customer - Read

I think that sums it up.



Please check:

@anand Thanks! Your permission recommendation seems working for me.

@umair setting a POS Profile also seems like a convenient way to allow certain user to access POS. I’ve tried to create a profile for user with role : Sales manager and Sales account, but they still get no permission to open a sales invoice. Does POS Profile have to have a access permission to the Sales Invoice?


i am trying something for my business. For eg. I wish to give the accounts department only access to the accounts module and retail stores to only sales and POS. Were you able to resolve the problem with respect to permissions, If yes, could you share the steps with me?


I created what you suggested. However, against the user, it says system manager. Is this a bug or error at my end ?

Hi @rjridhi12

In version 8 we are releasing the feature where you can assign the roles to the page like POS, User Permissions


Ok !! That’s fantastic. when is the new version likely to come out ?

Secondly, I see issues when I created the role on my own. Like mentioned by anand, I gave the permissions for the role. However, when I login through that account, I can see the manufacturing module and I cannot see the POS Window, which is odd.


I used the permissions as mentioned by @anand

I used the same permissions and yet the POS icon does not appear in the desktop of the new user.

Even when going to “Set Desktop Icons” to add the POS to the icons that are displayed, I am not finding the POS in the list of modules!!

Please help