Setup SSL certificate for my all sites

I bought a domain and i created many sub-domains that are mapped with my many ERPNext site.

Can you please guide me how do i install SSL certificate for all subdomains?


Please refer

Thanks, Makarand

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Can someone update this link? I need to figure out how to setup SSL certificates for my ERPNext installations.

Thank you in advance.


@bkm here you go

Thank you, but that does not point to instructions for setting up a Let’s Encrypt certificate on ERPNext (which is what we are looking for at this time).

I have seen the link you provided already and it no longer matched it’s description.



Please see here

please note that wildcard certs is not served by lets encrypt at the moment…
they do plan to but dont at the moment

would not recommend it anyway treat yor clients/sites to a free ssl cert for every single one of them … the certbot makes it possible