Setup storage location for an Item which stored in particular Warehouse

Currently I am Using ERPNEXT.
suppose Item XYZ stored in Warehouse STORE.
in Store Warehouse, There are multiple Storage Locations.
So How can I add Storage location to an Item XYZ in warehouse STORE.

Currently I am storing more than 1500 different items in STORE. I wanted to Locate Each and Every item through its location.
Pls help.

You can add custom fields like Rack, Bin, Shelf etc. and mention the location of the item location in these fields.

Where I can customize these field.
pls Give me procedure for add all these information in ERP.

You can also create as many warehouses as you want. This will help in reporting.

Already I have Multiple warehouse,
can not create 1500 different ware house.
Pls inform me ware I can customize Item field ans add location for each Item.

Better is to create a new doctype and then define the location for each item there.
Otherwise you can create any field on any form you want.
Goto setup → Customize → Customize Form

And then from “Enter From Type” text box, select Doctype/form in which you want to add custom fields.

and then add fields and specify their field types

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I have managed to create a custom “Stock Location” field and add it to the Stock Reconciliation/Stock Item forms, but cannot submit a Stock Reconcilliation, because the system believes that my line items (with different locations on each) are duplicated entries.

How do I fix this?

I appreciate if you can share the screenshot with all of your line items with the error you are receiving.

Ruchin Sharma

A similar post exists here, but there is no clear step by step process to achieve this use case in any of the discussion.

A warehouse management Bin and Rack tracking system is very important in the American market.
A wide range of companies in America, be they pharmaceutical, or production etc consider this an integral component of an ERP system. A quick search reveals several open source warehouse management Bin and Rack tracking systems that could be incorporated.

Thanks for this Jason - please have you specific links with details with what you refer to here?

That might prompt ideas and discussion thanks!

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Hi @clarkej
Any update on this??

Sorry while this interests me I am not actively working on have been engaged in this to now, so I have little to contribute to the conversation at this point…

How do you manage the pickings?
I keep having issue with my locations for picking.
I found ERPNext really not ready for this and not productive.
This is our process here, but I can’t get to show the warehouse where the products are.

The simple solution is, Add custom field for location in Item Reorder table.

the only challenge will be, you need to add reorder for each warehouse in each item.

after this you can use this location with warehouse and item combination in any print format