Setup WIzard error on ERPNext 8

Hi All,

I have just installed erpnext, whih was successful. But when i tried to setup, at final stage, it raised error as

There were errors

Can anyone help me to solve this?

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Hi @Amalendu,

It would be useful to know the values you have input for language, country, currency, customer, supplier etc. during the initial setup. Also, let us know whether you are using a virtual machine, an on-line instance or if you have installed ERPNext on a specific machine.

Hello @webingold2

Thank you for the reply.

I tried to setup in my local machine.

I put Country 'Oman , language, English(United States) , Customer, suppler, item some raw text as usual.

user as , Sysmanager and email as

Appreciate any help

it happen with me i did bench update and bench reinstall and it worked.

try them and tell me what happens ?

Hello @ahmadRagheb

I tried this also…
SHows the same error again

i remember i had the same issue but i can’t really remember what exactly i did to solve it ,
i remember It worked for me after several retries,

Hi, the same issue here.

I solved it by not placing products, and not placing the final checkbox.

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