Setup wizard failed with timeout error

I installed EPRNext VM build on July 07, 2020 on my Win10 System under Oracle VB to evaluate.
Tried several times to start ERPNext but always failed on setup wizard timeout error.
I was reading some topics like to retry 10 times setup wizard or update the bench , but nothing helps.
What else I can do ?

Are you trying the evaluation OVA from here ?

@smino yes, and I imported .ova on existing installation of VB. This works fine.
If I start VB I can see Ubuntu started (18.04.4 LTS ubuntu tty1)
Also EPRNext VM built on Juny 07, 2020

bench console /print(sys.version) → returned 3.6.9 (default, April 18 2020, 01:56:04)
[GCC 8.4.0]