Setup Wizard has 3 Steps, was expecting 10 ... tried all steps will not install erpnext

I have looked at all the other similar posts, nothing works. I can get a nice clean frappe site but wizard wont go beyond 1st user. No domain options or other. Used easy install on Debian 9.

Have tried installing erpnext multiple times in multiple ways, wont install Debian 9

Perhaps you have not installed ERPNext, hence only seeing the setup wizard for Frappe.

This is what had occurred. The confusing thing was I used the easy install script and it said it was installed. It took 3-4 attempts, and I think what did it was uninstalling Python 3.5 and installing Python 2.7.

Only then did the other 7-8 steps come up, and it installed erpnext. It went through the process several times but kept coming back to only the 3 steps in the wizard, stopping with adding first user. It never actually installed erpnext until I backed the python version down to 2.7.

I did the update bench --reset step and then it showed up