Setup Wizard Issue


I have encountered an issue when I perform a setup on a slightly slow server.

Below mentioned are the details.

After I setup the Site, I get the welcome screen where I need to input the details of the user email, domain, company name etc.

Post which it goes thru the setup, When it goes to the stage when setting company and taxes and then setting up defaults, thats where I get an error timed out, If I click retry it goes thru but not complete setup.

Usually I would get like 5-6 screen setup, after the setup wizard asking me suppliers, customers, users, items, etc, but in this case I will get only 2 screen setup, Plus I dont get the gst settings, or gst taxes setup, other than that there could be more thats not setup, but I am yet to notice it.

What would be a potential solution to this?

-Vimal Tank

I was able to solve the issue with details from this link Setting HTTP timeout · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub