Setup wizard looping back to language selection


Setup wizard keeps looping back to first page on entering data on this screen,with “cache cleared” notification.Tried clear cache on firefox/chrome,bench update, bench reinstall, same thing. Any ideas?

This was fixed this week. Are you using the latest version?

I have used the easy install script, how do I get new updated version?

Go to frappe-bench folder and run bench update

Did that bench update, bench reinstall already if you see my first post.

Not able to reproduce this. Does this happen after you enter all data and then click on “Complete Setup”?

Can you share a screencast?

It happens when I type in the first character in any field,without even have the chance to press any button.Anyway,will try from scratch again…thanks

@Jay Sorry! It was a bug but my dev environment had the missing file. We just released a fix. Can you update and try?

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its fixed thanks @anand