Setup wizard not giving all options to set up company and modules

I have managed to complete the installation of ERPNext on a new installation of CentOS 7, and I can log in and advance to the setup wizard, but comparing to the manual on ERPNext initial setup, it is not giving me all the options to set up ERPNext, on the below picture you can see there is only three dots with the setup, where there should be more pages if I understand correctly, and this is the ‘complete setup’ page.

and then I also have only a few icons.

What do I do to complete the wizard?

Hey Clive, I’m afraid, you’ll have to restart everything :slight_smile:

Just kidding. You haven’t installed the erpnext app to your site.

Just run:

bench --site [site-name] reinstall
bench --site [site-name] install-app erpnext

This happened because erpnext is an app for the Frappe framework, and what you just setup is only the framework itself.

Haha geeeeezzzz you almost gave me a heart attack, as you know I have probably re-imaged like 8 times coz of all the hickups, at least I am getting to know my way around frappe :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: