Setup wizard pre-filled during new site creation

Is it possible to have the setup wizard prefilled with some default values during the new site creation? Perhaps via a custom app installed together when create new site (bench new-site with --install-app custom_app).

So when the first time the site opened and the user see setup wizard, it has default value (like country, language, etc).

Better yet, if then the prefilled slide can be bypassed/hidden.

Thanks for any input.

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did you got any idea for that

No I did not

in my case, i need to assign a custom role for the user who is created with setup wizard even the default has all permissions

Actually, if you dare to make the change in the Frappe and ERPNext itself, you can do it (at your own risk :slight_smile:)

For Frappe find the files in:


and for ERPNext: