Setup Wizard Request Timeout - Problem Solution

Problem: Installed ERPNext locally using Easy Install and Production Option. Install went through, but Setup Wizard gave errorsat the Completing Setup, Sit Tight screen with Request Timeout - There were errors message and the Setup process would start all over again at the login screen.

Solution: Increased http_timeout parameter using this link:

All good now.

I set 6000 seconds as the parameter and the Setup completed without any trouble.

Question: What should be the optimal value for this configuration setting? What is the default?




http_timeout value will be stored in frappe-bench/sites/common_site_config.json on execution of command bench config http_timeout 6000

then the bench setup nginx configures it to the given timeout

by default if there is no value it takes 120

SSD will require less timeout,

HDD will require more timeout,

using bench console will not timeout,

Other related things :

Is the filesystem type ext4? (refer following)

@JayRam probably 300 will be ok …or maybe setting to 6000 before setup wizard and set back to 120 once completed

Hi @JoEz,
What is the disadvantages of leaving it at 6000?

I got time request error during the installation wizard. but I have login after skipping this error and all is working were well. is this make problem in future?

yes, you might get some weird issues in different places, it is better to redo it again from scratch

If I’m not mistaken, there is a hidden checkbox to skip the setup wizard when it has been done once even if it is not fully successful.
As far as I know, it is not a problem. Just that some documents and settings are not set fully, you might need to do it manually.

I am using VMware and the OVA doesnt show any option to edit ? Can someone please guide