Setup Wizard: Select Domains

Hey there folks! Is there any kind of documentation out there that describes the effects of my choices in domains? E.g. my company is mainly in manufacturing, but also branches out into distribution and retail. Will it be enough to select manufacturing, or what will I be missing if I don’t select the other two as well?

I haven’t found any answers to this so far, neither on google, nor on this forum, nor in the English or German documentation. Maybe I just had the wrong keywords in my search?

Domains are industry specific clusters of doctypes. If a domain is active, those doctypes are available on your system, and if it is not they are not.

You can add and remove domains at any time in Domain Settings.

Thanks a ton, @peterg! Especially for the info that I could change it any time - I haven’t run into that option yet.

Anyway: Is there no listing or table anywhere what domain triggers which doctype(s)?

The docs cover that pretty well, though more narratively than as a list:

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list, you could just go to the doctype listview and filter by domain.

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That again helps a great deal! Another big thank you to you!
I will mark this as the solution, especially going into detail: