Several websites with one database erpnext

I use erpnext for several companies, one company is education organization, second company it is retail store.
I use one accounting and etc.
How can I create two diffrent websites on different domains with one erpnext database?
One website it is internet store and second too.
What is the right way?

  • add-domain add custom domain for site

You can add multiple domains to a single site. So each domain will use that 1 site/database.

To make two completely separate sites, the easiest way would probably be to use a custom renderer, which is a new feature in v14. It would take some work.

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@peterg I want to learn about the custom renderer. Do you have a link to it’s PR or docs ?

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There’s a bit in the docs:

There are some pretty good examples in the v14 source as well.