Share Post on Social Media Platforms

Hey everyone I hope you all fine and doing great. First of all, i really appreciate ERPNext team that almost every feature is already available in ERPNext and that is really impressive product it is also open source and that is very good for all of us.
Actually i’m working for the Website and i want that whatever we post in ERPNext platform so that post should share on different social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn like that and i’m following these below links:

  1. Social Media Post.

  2. LinkedIn Settings

and according to the 2nd link i created same doctype with same docfields and at the end of the mentioned link they said that when we enter the Company ID and other information and then save our doctype then this will redirect into the LinkedIn sign up and i follow the same steps and doctype saved but no redirect to the LinkedIn sign in page.
Can anyone guide me how i can do that and how i can share my post on social media platforms using ERPNext ?
If anyone already do that then please share details in this forum that will be really helpful for all of us and specially for invoice users in this ERP
Thank you so much for your time.


What do you mean by you have ‘created’ these doctypes? What version are you using. The social media posting feature is only available on version 13/develop right now.

@kennethsequeira I’m using version 12

@kennethsequeira Post sharing feature is already given in erpnext version 13 ?

@Bilal786 The sharing feature is only from version 13 onwards. Just creating the doctypes won’t do the trick. You’re missing the backend functionalities in the py files as well.

OK thank you so much @kennethsequeira