Share records with specific users

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum.

I’m working presently for a company that’s using ERPNext and I’ve been tasked as the maintainer of it. I’ve been asked to implement a means to share records like Leads or Opportunities with specific users but I can’t seem to get the solution to go my way.

I’ve tried using the Permission Manager for this but the permission manager only works with Roles or user properties. What I’d like to be able to do, is, say, for a lead owner to go open up his record, and allow certain users to be able to see the record.

I’ve tried adding a table with profile entries so that a user who’s profile matches one of the entries would be able to access the lead, but I have no idea how to make it work with the permission manager.

Is there a good way to go about this? I mean, I’ve been at this for a week and I’m getting blocked off from reaching a solution.

I should also mention that I am restricted to using version 3.6.1 which, as I understand, uses webnotes and not Frappe.



Firstly will suggest you to upgrade to latest version.

Since its an old version, we will need to check way permission manager worked then. Please share screenshot of your permission manager tool via Imgur. Once we know the current Permission Manager in your account, will suggest you accordingly.

Thanks for your reply.

I would love to upgrade to the latest version of ERPNext, but our server hosts are preventing us from doing that. Whatever their reasons are for disallowing us to do this, the bottom line is that I’m restricted to 3.6.1.

Here is what the permission manager looks like:

Permission Manager
Permission Manager - Selecting Conditions

I tried implementing a condition that would check entries in a table against the current user and if he or she were listed in the table, it would permit them to view the record, but I got stomped with that attempt.


Hi Kamil,
If you can share more details of hosted server then we might help you in setting up new version for you.

Hello kanhaiya,

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the servers that are hosting the ERP system. I really mean that I can’t facilitate an upgrade. You’d think that, considering I’m modifying the codebase as it is, the hosts wouldn’t be as reluctant to do it, but they are. We’re planning on moving the ERP system onto our own server possibly over winter break so by then we will be able to do as we please, but the present situation does not permit it.


Okay Kamil.

If you need any local setup to be done for hands-on then I might help you in doing that. Till winter you can try your hands on various feature list and customization.