Share User for Project & Task

In ERPNext V12, We are creating a project and added the respective user as a shared user. So that those users can have access to a particular project. Now when we create a task at that time we have to share each and every task with respective users.

Is there any way like all tasks can be automatically shared with users who have project access or those tasks can be visible for that project user?

Only creator option is set in user permission if I did not select that option then all the tasks are visibile for all users.

Since tasks within a project can be assigned to different users, you will have to manually assign them and they are not assigned to all users by default. However, you can bulk assign these tasks by filtering out the project. Go to task list > Menu > Assign to as shown below:

Note: the “Only if Creator” checkbox will restrict the tasks to be visible to only the creator of that task.

Hope this helps!