Shareholder Folio Number

When a shareholder is created a folio number is automatically assigned to the shareholder.
Now if we have multicompanies within an ERPnext instance, it creates a sequential folio number for all companies shareholders.
Company1 has shareholders A and B so folio number assigned is 1 and 2.
Company 2 has shareholders C and D and folio number assigned is 3 and 4

in above case company 2 is seperate entity so the folio number should start from 1 for this company shareholders seperately. hence C and D should also have 1 and 2 folio number assigned but with a different prefix. company abbreviation can be used.

Is there a way to change the folio number naming series or numbering either through interface or customization. Can someone please advise how to fix this issues.

any help please?

Yes, this is essential, I tried removing read only but same is not allowed.

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