SharePoint Integration

Hi all,
I’m starting a new project to integrate SharePoint into ERPNext. I’ve seen a couple of post on this forum about this, but no one seems to have continued the project…
Is anyone has started to do something about it? Do you have any clues on what I should do to make it work?
Honestly, I’m a little bit lost in all the documentation on SharePoint and I’m not sure where to begin :no_mouth:

The first step would be to be able to attach the file into SharePoint instead of ERPNext.
The UI would stay the same, but when we click on ‘attach’, it will save into a specific path* instead of ERP.
*path : if it’s an attachment in a project, I want the path in SharePoint to match. ie: I attach something inside project PR-0999 with Client: SomeClient. Then I want to save the attachment in SharePoint at : /root/SomeClient/PR-0999/file1

Any help/guidance will be appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Check out this app that uploads attachments to S3:

I think a client of mine may be interested in this integration. Let me find out if he’s willing to put money on the table to achieve this integration. If he does, I’m happy to build it so that it works for you too. Else, we can collaborate, bootstrap and still build it.

Will get back next week about whether we can get this funded.



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