Sharing Frappe / ERPNext in Philippines

On November 30,2016 ITG-X held a meetup, and we Bai Web and Mobile joined the meetup. We were given the opportunity to share any related Python stuff, thus we introduced Frappe and ERPNext. @ccfiel, @creamdory, @Sean_Mark_Mira, @mark.sab

Credits for the photos ITG-X / PyTsada

ITG-X / PyTsada is a non-profit organization here in the Philippines. Focus for Python and Python-related stuff, meetup schedules, outreach events, etc.

Thanks to the Frappe Team! and the community for building this wonderful framework! :slight_smile:


Hi all
wonder if someone has gone through the BIR CAS accreditation with Frappe/ERPNext.
Would you know?
If so I would like to tap into that experience and in return offer my knowledge after I have made it.
If ever that is…
Light Boni Mandaluyong Metro Manila

Hi ! we are actually in the process of having it accredited. But can’t share anything with you right now, since we barely started it yet.

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Hi Just came back to Manila. If you are up for a sharing catch up - pls let me know.


Hi I am interested on the process and what are your experience with BIR

Hi Kurt Balean,
so far I didn’t do anything - was just thinking that an BIR approved ERP system would be a good thing for all people doing business in the Philippines.
But all other processing here took so long that I haven’t gone through the pain of registering the ERP system yet.

Hi Rainer,

I just implemented ERPNEXT on a client and they were in the process of registering with BIR. Ill give feed back on how this will go.


Hi Kurt -
Great - I am waiting for good news then…

Hi all,

Badly needed some help for salary structure my boss wanted to put the formula for deductions in salary like remittances, i’m from philippines so we had a SSS, HDMF, PHIC contribution and also the Income tax

How far have you gone in your implementations? Please share anyone.

i glad i found this community… :smile:


Need some guidance about ERPNext. :grinning:

Are there news about ERPNext accreditation with BIR?

Hi this is also my concerns its hard to work with BIR since its opensource. You need to have a proof of ownership and declare to BIR.

What is the proof of ownership required by BIR? Can we present the source code and customization and whitelist it with another brand name? Anybody knows this.

If anybody is interested, I’m looking for codevelopment of BIR compliant tax configuration/customization? I’m a CPA and a seasoned multi-system ERP Expert. I was an acccounting manager of some big Philippine multicompanies in my long employee life.

Hi @bernealmazan do you have any idea on the process on how to accredited ERPNext to BIR? what are the core keys/process that needs to be checked?

Also, what are the details of the BIR compliant tax configuration/customization?

Thank you.

Hi @ponyooooo, I haven’t tried BIR accreditation for ERPNext yet.

For Philippine Payroll. I was able to migrate to ERPNext an Excel template for Salary computation that we had been using for 2 years. It’s basically adding new fields for the different salary components, then putting them as fields in the computation in the Salary Component. I also created overtime computation, plus employee share. My next step is to put employer contribution which was posted in one of the discussion by another user.

Taking liberty of tagging @iRaySpace. Maybe he or his colleagues can help out the Philippines community