Sharing of Custom reports made using Report Builder

I have made a custom Sales Invoice report using the Report Builder and I want to share this report with another user. I don’t want to download and send it to him but rather give him access to my customized report so he can view its status live whenever he wants it without manually picking columns and setting filters.

Is it possible to do this? How so?

you should be able to do this by saving the report and giving it a name.
then you can point your user to where it is.

search on the awesomebar for Report List and you will see a list of reports.

Thanks for this. Was unable to do business during this period hence didn’t even visit the forums to see this reply on time.

In order to protect some of my more confidential reports from other junior level employees I guess I will have to set doctype permissions for the report’s base doctype right?

Have you checked user Permissions for Page and Report? That could do the trick for you.