Shecdule email to send in a custome doctype

Hello I created a costume doc type that has two fields:

  1. Time field
  2. Check field

I let the user to schedule a specific time and if the box is cheeked then an email will be send 1 hour before that time.

is there a way in the ERPNext to do that.

I know that I can use notification doctype to send email if the box is checked but I can’t specify the time.

Any suggestion?

Any reason why you need it sent to a specific time? Is the time arbitrary? Or, is there a specific option like you can choose from 3 times in a day, say 8am, 12nn or 6pm.

If it is random, I’m not sure if it can be done without polling which may be process intensive. Which means in a day the program will check all records around 86400 times assuming your time is rounded to second, and around 1440 times if rounded to minute.

In any case, I think this one needs to be programmed in an app.