Shift Management

I can not find Shift Management in ERP and I have tried searching Shift Management in Search Bar also. Does anyone know what happened or where can I find Shift Mangement in ERP.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @BLIHamza,

It’s not Shift Management, it’s a Shift Type.
Please check it.


Which version of Frappe and ERPNext are you on?

Also, search for Shift:

Possible lists are shift type, assignment.

Shift Type, Shift Request and Shift Assignment falls under Shift Management and in my account I can not find whole Shift Management so how can I look for Shift type P.S I have tried searching Shift Type in Search Bar but no result.

Please check all rights in Role Permission Manager for Shift.


HR manager and HR user roles are assigned to me but still no result.

I have ERPNext version v10.1.74 (master) and Frappe Framework version v10.1.67 (master).

I have tried searching with everything Shift, Shift Type, and Shift Assignment

Shift management is not available in v10. It was added in later versions.

Best to update to the latest version if you want to able to use this feature.

Ohh Okay, that’s why I am facing couple of issues.
Thanks for your assistance.