Shifted from bitnami

I have shifted bitnami to sole ERP next. I have restore backup from bitnami.

I have configured email in bitnami and now I got below error when I try to send email from new fresh ERP next instance in GCP.

Any way to resolve this matter?

You need to copy the encryption from your old server site_config file to your new one.

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Now that error is not coming, but still email are not sent even the system shown it has sent.

I have sent test email and check , no receiving or sending happening.

any solution?

Typically, GCP blocks all ports that would be needed to actually get email into or out of your application on their servers. They say they do this to prevent the servers from being use as spam-bots.

If you are going to use the GCP servers for a production setup, you will have to work with the GCP folks to allow you to open those ports.

I pretty much gave up on that about 14 months ago and have only been using my GCP account to test core functions and stuff that doesn’t need open ports. IT is also a place to work out installation bugs as the newer versions develop over time. But not very useful to actually run a production system.


Well, Actually, I have used bitnami image on CGP and my emails are worked perfect.

Then I decided to leave bitnami since they have quiet difficult procedures to back up, update the bench, create multi tenant etc…

So I made a back up from bitnami and restored in freshly installed ERP next V11 on Debian image.

I can send email now but can not receive emails.

It seems I have a solution.
I have enabled scheduler

bench --site all enable-scheduler

I got one 2 emails to my ERP next inbox,

Hope this works now.

Could you kindly relate to what issues you had with Bitnami?