Ship to and Bill to Address in Purchase Order

Can anybody tell, how can we mention the Ship to and Bill to Address in Purchase Order?

Hello Ruchin,

You should insert Custom Fields in a Purchase Order, and update your
addresses as default value in these Custom Fields.

Hello we are also stuck in the same situation
the page given in the link also not opening

Can anybody help us in the same regards

link is not working

For clues to discover lost 404 not found pages, use a web search engine

Maybe post a new thread with specific details of what you have tried that fails?

on the print of the Purchase order we have only field of ship to address insert
we need bill to address also on it along with it. refer the snap shot as below
this print taken from Tally erp9 we required all three fields invoice to
ship to & Purchase order to

If any member has created a print format then please paste the code here.

@Abhijit_undre if you don’t get any response then please engage a developer to create format to your liking.