Shipping address in a PO

While creating a Purchase order , I would like to mention the delivery address for my company.
I would like to capture the following address in the PO

  1. Billing address of the supplier
  2. Ship from address of the supplier
  3. Ship to address (address where the product from the supplier needs to be shipped)

Can you tell me where on the purchase order form i could put that information.

  1. Am I expected to put the information in the shipping address in the "address and contact " section in the attached screenshot ?In the current behaviour the address that gets pulled up in the dropdown is my company address . Is this the right place to put the delivery adddress for the product ?

  2. If so , Where do i put the address from where the supplier will be shipping his product ?


Yes (1) is right,

If your company have 2 address then
create two address for that in Address
List. One for Billing and Second for Shipping.
Please do checked - is your company address.
Link- doctype = your company and name = your company.