Shipping cost for purchase invoice

Please get me some information on the following:

1 - I have import purcahse how to put shpping cost to purcahse invoice.

2 - Customs & Duty to purchase invocie

3 - In landed cost voucher the expense just go to valutaion .

4 - The expense liek shipping xpense we want on purchase invoice also has to be paid to company, so please get me some information on that.

-Shipping costs should be added in your taxes and charges table as “actual”.

  • The expenses updated via Landed Cost Wizard is only included in the
    valuation of Purchase Receipt items. There will be no accounting entry
    to book an expense.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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But shipping cost included as taxes shows in suppliers account that we need to pay it to supplier.

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dear when i add in taxes and charges the shipping cost it shows in “expense included in valuation” but it does not update the valuation value of the item and also does not shows in specific leder of the shipping company like any courier or transport company.

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