Shipping cost reflection for each product separately

Hello, I would like your suggestion for a solution for this:
In the “Quotation”, we want the shipping amount to be calculated and reflected separately for the products, not the whole offer. Also, we want to see the shipping amount of each product in the column of each product in “print”.

Hi @Mohammad13,

I think,

You can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new field in the Quotation Item doctype called “Shipping Amount” (or any other name that suits your needs) with the data type “Currency”.

  2. Create a new custom script for the Quotation Item doctype that calculates the shipping amount for each item based on its weight, dimensions, and shipping destination. This script should update the “Shipping Amount” field for each item.

  3. Modify the print format for the Quotation Item doctype to display the “Shipping Amount” field for each item in a separate column.

  4. To ensure that the shipping amount is not calculated for the whole offer, you can modify the Quotation print format to display the total shipping amount separately from the total cost of the items.

  5. Finally, test the new functionality by creating a new Quotation and checking that the shipping amount is calculated and displayed correctly for each item.

I hope this helps!

Thank You!

Dear @NCP

Thank you very much for your help
In this case, unfortunately, the shipping cost of the product is not reflected in the total quotation amount, and also when we print it, it is not reflected in the unit price of the item.


is there a solution for this?

Thank you

Hi @Mohammad13,

I already also said, if you want to set the shipping price in individual item rows then first use custom/client script logic and then print in print format.

I haven’t an idea to explore your scenario but if the shipping cost value comes in the parent then row-wise divide them your according to logic.?

Thank You!