Shooting mail on the basis of value of field or change in value of field

Example -

  1. Sending “standard reply” (introductory mail) if custom field “Introductory Sent?” For customer is not checked.

  2. Sending followup mail on payment getting due.

  3. Sending followup mail if material not received as per delivery schedule.

So on…

Kindly advise whether this is possible?

Please check the /desk#List/Email Alert there you can easily set the email for something needed on point 1 but for point no.2 (listed as point 1 again) like payment reminders there is nothing out of the box in the system as of now.

Yes. Thank you for reply.

By adding following simple facility to email alert, we can serve the purpose of point no. 2 & 3 also.

In place of “message” , Putting selection for “Standard Reply”. (I assume that standard reply functionality will take care of sending external mail to selected customer/supplier for given condition).

Whether multiple condition with and/or operator work in “condition” field of email alert?

should work.