Shopify and erpnext

ShopifySetupError: Access token or Shopify URL missing

please guide me how to connect the erpnext to e commerce

and what is the e commerce product that can integrate with erpnext

@sheno ERPNext Shopify Connector

thank you dear (( saurabh6790 )) for your guide.

i followed that link

i discovered two point

that to make a success connection between the ERPNEXT and Shopify

we should have two type of connection

1- ERPnext shopify connect (install on ERPnext) = connector 1
2- ERPnext connector (install on shopify site) = connector 2

am i right ?

The first connector already i installed (ERPnext shopify connect)

The Second connector i can’t install

when i press on GET button i get that massage

no active client for ‘erpnext’