Shopify Connector for ERPNext

I get the problems during the Shopify App installation for the ERPNext connector. For details I attached the screen shoot below.

I thank you for your help.


It seems local tunnel connection is broken.

Also, ERPNext Connector is only designed for erpnext cloud.

For self-hosted accounts, you need to create a private app inside your Shopify Account.

Please ref, “Connect by creating a Private App” Senction on ERPNext Shopify Connector

Hi Saurabh,

Currently, my problem is when connecting shopify and erpnex, I could not submit. Please find the picture hereunder:

After completed filling the form, I try to push the submit button, but it is stuck (no progress).

After I refreshed the browser, I get error message like this :

Could you please advise how to solve this problem.


Hi Saurabh,

Finally I understand what you explain to me. Thank you very much