Shopify Connector IndexError - tuple index out of range


I just received this error 3 days ago from the log. All along, it was working fine. Anyone knows what causes this? Critical as this is a live site.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/ubuntu/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext_shopify/erpnext_shopify/", line 34, in sync_shopify_resources
  File "/home/ubuntu/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext_shopify/erpnext_shopify/", line 13, in sync_orders
  File "/home/ubuntu/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext_shopify/erpnext_shopify/", line 29, in sync_shopify_orders
    if e.args[0] and e.args[0].startswith("402"):
IndexError: tuple index out of range


pushed a fix [minor] check if e.args is avalible fix for IndexError: tuple index out of range by mbauskar · Pull Request #151 · frappe/erpnext_shopify · GitHub

now if the args are not available it will create the Shopify Log for the error.

Hi @makarand_b,

Thank you very much but it hasn’t pass Travis.

Appreciate it!