Shopify-ERPNext integration hangs - SSL cert issue?

Hi, my ERPNext instance is up an running. Just installed the Shopify connector (Shopify is currently the trial version) and when I try to connect it hangs in the screen where you just enter your Shopify, ERPNext-URL and your ERPNext account login information!

Any suggestions on this are appreciated!

Did you get an answer on this question?

No, not yet. I recently went back to evaluating ERPNext as a warehouse backend for my shopify store and i am currently experiencing the following problem:

  1. The shopify connector works when I use a ERPNext trial instance
  2. When I use my self hosted ERPNext instance, the screen where you submit your shop/user data to generate a token still hangs. It seems like it doesn’t accept any ERPNext URL’s other than ending with “

I am probably missing something out, since it seems unlikely that the shopify connector app is exclusive to ERPNext subscriptions…

Any ideas on this?

Chances are that the issue has to do with invalid SSL cert (the certificate that makes https protocol possible).

The best place to start looking are the logs your self hosted erpnext instance. You would see errors relating to the authentication with shopify API.

Likely shopify (as with many ecommerce sites) has strict policy about valid domain and SSL cert

A good way to get a valid cert is to point an actual domain name at your erpnext instance, and then use to obtain valid ssl

With your certificate installed then test it say for eg here
SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)

edit: Here’s a test result example

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What @clarkej said too! :slight_smile: ^^^

Good point there guys, will definitely check it out! In the mean time I found out, that according to this source ERPNext Shopify Connector it is possible to workaround the SSL cert by setting up a private app in Shopify which automatically creates API credentials. Still for safety reasons, we will choose SSL encryption anyhow!