Shopify experience

dear could anyone share their shopify application experience.

@farhanayyaz1 how is yours?

Dear i havent started yet. I am asking the ones who are using it

I have a few setup of Shopify but have yet to try to link it to ERPNext. But I’d say stay away from Shopify unless you really want to skip setting up a proper e-commerce. Shopify charges transaction as long as your sale go through Shopify, regardless of which online payment gateway. Most plugins on Shopify are also subscription / per-transaction basis.

Dear i am planning to go for ecommerce so i want to check the shopify connecter of erpnext works fine or it has flaws.

I have very bad experience :slight_smile: , i try to install erpnext - shopify connector to connect my online shop to erpnext , but after i install it my erpnext not work well , even i have paid support 1 week take time to erpnext team solve problem of my erpnext and then they cancel my support they said you make some change in server , but i don’t do any change , just install shopify from UI . then i restart my server and erpnext not work any more :frowning:
My suggestion only install it on test version of erpnext not real one .

I am using erpnecmxt server only. I dont have mine seperate

just a though … it seems Frappe Ltd. (not sure whether that’s the official name) don’t offer support contracts aside direct user’s of their own online solution any more. Maybe the decision to cancel your support contract can be seen in the light of this changed business policy as well a little.