Shopify Integration - ERPNext app doesn’t exist in Shopify app store?

Dear Frappe/ERPNext support team
I’m confused about connecting Shopify with ERPNext;
I have installed Shopify app inside ERPNext, now when I go to shopify setting in ERPNext and provide some necessary data like App Type = ‘public’, Shop URL = ‘’ and … when I click save, It gives me a popup ‘Access token or Shopify URL missing’, I don’t know what is the meaning of this message.
Do I need to install ERPNext inside Shopify as well? if so; then ERPNext app doesn’t exist in Shopify app store,
Once I connected through App Type = ‘Private’ but I think this is not a reliable way.
Please anyone can help,
Thanks in advance

You are following these instructions? ERPNext Shopify Connector

Thanks dear @clarkej for replying me
yes exactly i follow those steps. What I face is: ERPNext app doesn’t exist in Shopify app store to install that.
I’m using trial version of both Shopify and ERPNex.
Please help me if there is anyway
Thanks again

To add context of your efforts and learnings this last few weeks:

“The Shopify app from the Installer has been discontinued. You need not do it now.”

and this too Connecting Shopify to ERPNext · Issue #12862 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

“We are merging Erpnext Shopify app into ERPNext itself. But it will take couple of weeks.”

re the message ‘Access token or Shopify URL missing’ that code is here

Try both develop and production to find one that works. This below may give you ideas whether the access token and url values are reasonable?

And of course search the forum for more clues.

Your persistence will pay off - if you get a traceback be sure to post that

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Ok Thanks @clarkej I got something now and I’m waiting for the merged version.

I couldnot find ERPNext App on shopify store. Please advise ?

I don’t see a manual sync button.

did you find the solution for this, me too facing the same issue @Hejun_Cheng @clarkej

  • tried in two ways
    i) first way i couldn’t find the app in shopify store
    ii) second way i couldn’t see the sync button and also a i am unable to change the app type as public

The old app has been deprecated. Refer this instead:

refered this doc, shopify sync button is not visible for , any solution

I’m setting this up now on an erpnext Cloud instance, logging what my set up looks like and see how we go.

Filling up the fields in the Shopify integration page is easy enough. Entered most of the fields that I wanted to use. Left empty fields Cost Center, Price List and tax/shipping mapping table.

Saved the information, then clicked Enabled and tried saving again.

Waited a minute or so, then this error pops up:

“(1060, “Duplicate column name ‘shopify_order_id’”)”

on :slight_smile: ERPNext: v12.10.1 (version-12)

ERPNext Support: v0.0.3 (master)

Frappe Framework: v12.8.4 (version-12)

Journeys: v0.0.1 (version-12)

OK so the Shopify Settings page is now saving properly. Thanks Frappe for the fix.

It appears the Shopify connector uses Shopify’s product_id when creating new orders. Since product_id is (sort of) a random string, it doesn’t map neatly with our item_code field in ERPNext. This leads to new items being created.

Would it be possible to remap the product_id string in the JSON to pull instead from SKU field when calling data from Shopify?