Shopify Integration - Error

I have a test Shopify site and setup the integrations with a self hosted instance of ERPNext that’s on ver 13.

The Items are syncing, the locations/warehouses are syncing, the inventory is syncing too, but the Sales Orders, Delivery Notes and Sales Invoices are not getting created on ERPNext. I see the following entries in the web_error.log

Any hints what’s going on and how to correct it?

/home/roir/frappe-bench/env/lib/python3.8/site-packages/bs4/ MarkupResemblesLocatorWarning: “Thank you! - Faizahmed1 - Checkout” looks like a URL. Beautiful Soup is not an HTTP client. You should probably use an HTTP client like requests to get the document behind the URL, and feed that document to Beautiful Soup.
WARNING Property: Unknown Property name. [11:3: overflow-wrap]

I think discuss is reformatting the link, but hovering on the link provides the entire content.



  1. Are you using the new integration or inbuilt one? I’d suggest installing the app. GitHub - frappe/ecommerce_integrations: Ecommerce integrations for ERPNext
  2. Does your server have valid HTTPs cert? Shopify calls your server and integration validates that it’s a valid request origingating from Shopify.
  3. Check “Ecommerce Integration Log” for proper traceback/error logs related to Shopify. That will give a better idea of what exactly is not working.

Hi Ankush,

Thank you for your post.

  1. I installed the new app. Though there still seems to be remnants of the old code
  2. I have setup https on the site
  3. Related to #1, I was looking for Shopify Log (which still exists and was finding nothing there. But thanks to your post, I looked for the Ecommerce Integration log and figured out I’d not set up an account reference on ERPNext for shipping name Standard. And as soon as I did, it started working fine.

This is great.

A few observations though. But I will make a separate thread on that, as I don’t want to confuse people. The integration works great and this is huge!



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