Shopify integration - What is fact?


I have read the forum already and it left me confused behind.

We plan to work with ERPNext and Shopify.

There is no ERPNext-App in the Shopify store, someone wrote it is integrated into ERPNext now.

We did not start a trial membership yet.

Does it is possible to import datas from Shopify to ERPNext and vis-a-vis?



Dear Sven,

Yes, its possible to sync data between ERPNext and Shopify. Now you simply have to install the Shopify app using the ERPNext app installer. It’s seamless. Once you do that you’ll be able to add the shopify settings under the “Shopify Settings” page. You can sync customers, Sales orders, Sales invoices, Payment entries. More on this here.

Hope this helps!


Hi Rushi,

Thanks, this helps. Does an additional monthly fee applies?

We are also looking on Quickbooks, it seems there are only paid integrations apps available.

We do not want to pay for importing datas.



We tested a protype setup a few months ago…
I can confirm that Shopify integration works with ERPNext.
You still need to pay for Shopify, though.

Thanks Tatu.

Dear Sven,

The Quickbooks to ERPNext migration tool has been WIP for a long time. We’ll have an update on the same for you in some time. For urgent requirement you can use the excel data imports, which definitely are free.