Shopify item bundles

Hello, I have finally finished setting up Shopify with ERPNext. I then found out that item variants are not supported and is in backlog Allow uploading variant items to shopify · Issue #60 · frappe/ecommerce_integrations · GitHub.

The problem I have is that my products have variants, and I need ERPNext to be the source of truth for Shopify. So I tried using product bundles as it suits my needs (ex: one pack of 3 item_a + 3 item_b). I created new father item (which needs to have “maintain stock” checked off), then created my product bundle.

Shopify synced the father item and does not see the product bundle. The father item doesn’t track inventory. So I have come to a dead end here I guess.

Is there anything I am missing here. How is everyone else integrating Shopify when I guess a lot of people also have variants in their ERPNext?

Any help/guidance will be highly appreciated.

As a last resort, if nothing else is doable: Should I transform my variant items to master items? is that even doable? if so, how can I do that?